Monday, 29 June 2015

Term2 Week9

Martariki Rotation 

On Thursday we had a Matariki rotation we had to be mixed up in different numbers all the way up to 20 and we had to be with different people.  My first rotation was colouring in pictures we had half an hour to do it mine had lots of moari words like puke moana and Otakaro I didn't really understand the words but I was okay with it.  Next we did tiaha with Mutui fienze and I found it a bit challenging because we had to remeber the words to do the right actions but the stick was a bit to annoying with the feather on top.  Then we did string  games we had to partner up with this with the little ones to help them but I found this one the hardest because we had to make a cup and saucer but my partner helped me with the third part but in the end I did it I found it a bit challenging in the beginig but when I herd that on youtube there's string games on youtube I jumped up  happily.

Term2 Week10

Speech Sharing

On Monday the 8th of June we shared our speech to the class but we were split up so the year 4's shared in room 28 and the year 5's  shared in room 29.  The people who were going toshare had time to practice and the people who didn't want to share had to get a computer to give the people a 1,2 and 3  the people who shared there speech to th class were Nadia, Micah , Geogia, and others and one of those people were me we had time to practice our speech.  When it was time to share our speech we had to sit next to a person who had a laptop we all shared our speech till I had to share I was really scared to share till I got the shivrs off me.  My speech was based on Why Smoking Should be Illegal and my favorite tingspeech was read by Nadia her speech was about If the earth was an apple I found it really intrestng because of the decribing words and


My Reflection
I found it easy because I could tell the answers from the words from the passege.
My Next Step
My next step is to use infrecing in a bigger passege with no clues.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


This post is going to be about my speech. I decided to write it about smoking.

1. Did you know? That 5,000 people each year die from smoking?

2.Firstly, Smoking is a disgusting habit that can damage heart, lungs and brain.  It can shorten your life by 10 years or more.  Lots of smokers end up in hospital and this is not fair
on the other people who have serious injuries that might miss out on operations.

3. Secondly, people smoke for a number of reason.  Some people think it looks cool and fun… but it’s not.  Others start because their friends or family might do it but you shouldn’t smoke like them because it’s not cool or fun.
4.Thirdly, once you start, it’s hard to stop because you can get addicted to it.  Statistics show 9 out of 10 smokers start before they are 18 and they never think they’re going to get addicted.  So the message just don’t even start.

5.So I hope you were convinced to not smoke like your parent’s  and have a smoke free life.

My Reflection
I found it hard to write a speech because there were lots things that we had to think about like the introduction, reasons and the conclueson.
My next step is to focus on my speech and get more done.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Repeated Addition - Animal Legs

My Reflection 

I have been learning how to solve multiplication problems using  repeated addition.  I found this easy because repeated addtion was like times tables because we had groups and objects  like this for example 3x4 repeated addtion will look like 4+4+4=12 because there are 3 groups and 4 in each one.

My Next StepMy next step is to use repeated addtion in bigger questions and more harder times table quetions to help me.