Friday, 28 March 2014


My Te Tuhi Art - tapa cloth

The Night Zoo Keeper - 100 WC

I think I will make the greatest Night zoo keeper because I will save the magic animals from the monsters of Nilth.   I will have a force shied to shied the inside of the gates.   I will have invisuble lions with laser eyes and when the monsters of Nilth come they won't see the lions granding the gates.   Then special  birds will come and turn the monsters into good monsters not bad.   And when ten more come a very special bird will come and turn them into pancakes.   And we will celebrate  by eating pancakes and cake.  And the magical animals will be free for ever.  But when they come back we will work as a team and fight the monsters of Nilth so they never come back.   Then I will wave good bye to all the magic animals.

(I wrote this story.  My teacher helped me with some spelling.)

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Using Comic Book

I am learning to use Comic Book on the IPad. It is hard to spell symbol because but I tried my best to spell it.   My teacher helped me.  It was easy to spell proud.  What I found tricky was to put the speech bubbles in the right place.  I felt proud of myself.