Friday, 28 August 2015

Kensukes kingdom presention

                                                            MY REFLECTION
Was to make a presention of Kensukes kingdom and write everything they did on there way  to vist placies they never went to and make animation's
and put pictures of what they did what they  and  what they saw.
                               MY NEXT STEP
Is to make a better  presention of every thing they did and what they  saw.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Term 3 Week 6

Art Exhibition
Today we went to the Art Exhibition and had a hunt we had to go into pairs and try to guess the anwser's so we wandered around and room 23 was there doing the same thing as us and the first question was what was the name of the art exhibition and I think it was Paint My World and I think everyone knew that after we got to the a little bit harder question's but we got them anyway and the last one was sketch our favorite drawig and it was kind of hard because they looked so comlicted a little and after that Mrs M got us to sit down in front of her and then she told us to line up because we were going to go to cross country yeah!

My real Speech


                                                                              My Reflection
Was to try and make a better speech for the speech finale and try to put all the things you need and try to write a  good speech for the finale I had to remeber to put an Intersting topic, A topic that I am confident about and put in enough detail as possible to make it a good speech.


Is to make another speech with a good stucture and a good amount of detail. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Explainnation writing 3

                                                                         My Reflection
Was to write about how to make Wind Chimes.
I found it easy and tricky because you had to get every step and detail for the task.  I think that the task was actually Tricky because what it was asking you  was to explain how to make a wind Chime and since we were making wind ChimesI had to remember all the steps but I found it queit challenging.
                                       My Next Step
Is to explain more about everything else.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 2 Water,Water everywhere

                                                      My Reflection
Was to Think about the question's and the task.  I found it tricky and easy at the same time and it was easy with the template to find facts about my sea creature.  I choose to the porpoise because I hadn’t heard of it before.  Now I know it’s like a dolphin.  It was easy to find the information I needed to complete the diagram.  I think it’s easier to understand a diagram than it is to read about it.
My Next Step

Is to Think more clearly about the question's and anwser them in full.

Term3 Week3

On Tuesday the year 4's youth town and was taught tounder and over passes and side to side passes and we also learnt how to dribble the ball.  After we had a game it was sort of like ball tiggi but you had to dribble the ball like in basket ball so it was like  basketball tiggi 3 people were given a ball and I was one of them we had turn s the girls had to get the other girls that were'nt in.    Then it erwas the boy's turn to play basketball tiggi.  After that,  We were gathering round  to say good bye and ended it with our everyday clap and ''Good Bye'' To Dom, and went Back to  Class.


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Explaination writing 2


   My Reflection
Was to write and explain what was happening in the videos we were given and we got to pick what we were going to write about.  We had to explain everthing that happened in the video.
                                                                             My Next Step:
Is to have a better explanation story and put more detail in.  


                                                                            My Reflection
I was learning to convert  improper fractions.  I found it hard at first till I got the hang of it.  
                                                                             My Next Step
Is to learn
  • What is a mixed number
  • How do you change a Mixed Fractions to an Improper Fraction?
  • How do you change an Improper Fraction to a Mixed Fraction?
  • How does division with remainders relate to Mixed Fractions?

  • What is an Improper Fraction? An Improper fraction has the numerator bigger and the denomerator small