Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Making dumplings

On Thursday the 24th or march rm 24 made Dumplings!  And it was so fun so let me tell you about making dumplings...

When we got to the hall the room was filled with the smell of dumpling dough and the air filled with excitement.  We had to wash our hands before we started making dumplings when we washed our hands we went to a table I was next to my friend Coco she was an expert making dumplings first we watched a demo made by the people making dumplings and they looked amazing!  When we started I had to remember what she did and I tried to make them the way she did but I did not look right so my first dumpling not so well done but I will try harder on my next one.  On my next one I did much more better and it looked  better I was delighted and for my other 1 I did even better and it was very fun.

After we finished making the dumplings we got to EAT THEM!!  The room filled the sound of dumplings sizzling and the smell coming from the kitchen made me hungry and Coco thought me how to use chop sticks and when the dumplings came the smell was sensational and when we got one on our plate and got to eat them they were delicious and I got 6 but some others got 3 or 5 but I had heaps of fun especially eating them!

Cricket Problem

                                                                  My Reflection
Was to find out the Combined score of this cricket game and how much NZ won by.  I found this tricky & easy because Matua Fienza taught us how to solve word problems.  My next step is to solve this & remember what to do.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Author Purpose

                                                                     My Reflection
Was to find the messages in Matilda who told lies and was burned to death.  I learnt about passive and overt ideas Passive are ideas we don't notice because we except them to much that we forget about them.  My next step is to do this again in our other book we are reading and this time trying to do it myself.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Word Problem

                                              My Reflection:
Was to solve and find out how to solve a word problem.  I had to circle the keywords,Figure out whats going on, order/sequence, Strategies and what operations I would use to solve the problem .  I found this easy and tricky because I really didn't understand word problems at first and now I  understand them.  I think I can improve by thinking of what I should do first and when I have completed them I can go straight on to the drawing. 

Friday, 1 April 2016

Things You Can Compare and Contrast

                                                                 My Reflection
Was to find similarities and differences between me and Matilda (from the poem) and wrote it in my book first and the things I had to write as a difference or similarity the things I had to write about was Gender,Behaviour,Personality,Family and Leisure time.  I found it easy and hard because I had to find differences which was very easy but the similarities were hard and easy but it was really fun. I think I can improve by making it more interesting. 


                                                                 My Reflection
Was to find heaps of strategies to solve problems that my partner did.  I found it Challenging and easy at the same time which was quite funny.  I think I can do better because I know more  strategies I just haven't thought about them.