Thursday, 24 November 2016


My Reflection 
I found this hard because me and my partner had to do a lot of research and finding out more about our character. 

Number Strategies

My Reflection
I found this tricky because I had to find 4 different ways to solve the problem and also for 2 of the slides we had to write why we chose that strategy and I think the most common one we used was PVP. 


My Reflection
I found this easy because we just had to give non human objects human characteristics and we found objects and gave them human characteristics e.g The tree waved goodbye to me as I walked to my friends house.

Perimeter word problems

I have been doing perimeter word problems.  Perimeter is were you find the length or width of a shape.  We have been doing perimeter word problems with a buddy because it was collaborative maths.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The land of lost hats

 My Reflection

I found this pretty easy because we were thinking of a monster that would make the story more interesting.  We used personification by giving hats a human characteristic, onomatopoeia by using loud sounding words. 

Readers Response

    My Reflection
I found this very hard because we had to come up with our own question's about the war and we had to search up the answer and put it in our own words.