Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Rm 28/29 Art

                                                 My reflection
Was to learn all about art and ways to do it.   We have made a slide show to show the art things that Rm 28/29 have been doing.


Monday, 23 November 2015

My finished narraitive!

                                                          My Reflection
I was learning to write a narrative about a fairy tale but making it in my way by introducing new characters, new problems and different solution.  I found this tricky because it was hard to think of a story with different characters and problems.  My Next step is to learn more about Narrative writing.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Term 4 Week 6

                                                         Fantastic Friday Performing!
It's time to show the whole school what the fantastic Friday groups have been doing for the last 5 Weeks and I'll tell you what happened . . .

First Paige, Tanielle ,Chloe, Broody, Phoenix and I where all part of going in front of the whole school and showing what we did in the past 5 weeks Tanielle , Chloe and I just had to cut a strip of paper called  the mobuis  strip were there is  three different strips one is normal,one has a twist and one has 2 twist but I was glad that I just had to cut the strip because I didn't what to talk in front of the whole school!

Next we waited for the other groups to show what they have been doing.  My favourite  group was the Bollywood dancing group because there costumes were cool and there dance was so funny.  

Then it as our turn after them and I was so scared but I'm glad I just had to cut the strip of paper after the people talked we cut 1 by 1 Chloe started first she showed the loop to everyone and then started cutting.  While she was doing that Paige was asking what would happen and it split in 2 and then she showed them what it happened then it was my turn to cut but before I could start then when she finished talking I held up the strip and started cutting when I finished I held it up again to show everyone what it turned out it was a big 8! And now for the last one it turned into a chain  and then we moved into the next group which was glee.

Finally,The Glee started they sang a song from Friends ( a show on TV) and they did a little dance to go with it and it was delightful.

                                               In Conclusion
It was really fun I hope we do this next Year !

Dolphin Swimming

My Reflection
Was to learn how to do all the basics of swimming before learning how to do advance swimming.
I found it tricky and a bit easy to some of the basics of swimming like gliding , free style,  using a kick board while gliding, floating and gliding while floating on our back.
My Next step is to learn more of the basics of swimming before learning the advance.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Term 4 Week 5

                                                      FANTASTIC FRIDAY!
It's Fantastic Friday again and lets see what we are doing today for cool science...

First, we got into groups of four or five and sat down together on the mat.  We listen to what we had to make today . 

Next, we got a recording sheet that we had to write on when we did every thing.  Our experiment today was the Mobius strip it was mostly a strip of paper that we had to do experiments on it first we did a normal loop and then a strip of paper with a twist.  Then we drew a line on the piece of the papers and wrote what happened.  What happened was that on the normal one just went around the strip on the out side but the strip with the one twist was different because when you drew a line on the strip it started on the out side and ended on the inside.  

Then, we looked at our recording sheet and looked at everything we wrote and looked at the next step when we had to cut the piece's of the strip we cut the normal one first and nothing happened it jut split into two pieces  but when got to the strip of paper with one twist something else happened IT TURNED INTO A TWISTED EIGHT! but before we could started more strips with 2,3 or 4 twist in it we all got called on the mat and we talked through what happened to our mobius strip and saw what happened if we did more twist but we first started to see what happens when you do 2 twists in it and then what!!! It turned into a long twisted chain and that's what happened when you did it to all the twist .

                                         In Conclusion
It was so fun doing that in my group and especially when we got to see what happened when you did more twist okay good bye!
P.S You can do this at home if you want!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Langauge features in fairy tales

My Reflection
Was to identifiy lanaguage features in fairytails.  I found it tricky to find adjectives,adverbs and similes in the story Thumbelina because of the words it was hard to find out if it was a adverb or a simile.
My next step is to write out the adverbs and find more similes.  

Narritive Writing Fractured fairytail

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Narrative Writing

                                                         My Reflection
I was learning to write a narrative. First I had to watch a video, read some examples and think about fairy tales I know. I found it tricky because I had to think of the oriantation,Problems,solution and the conclusion.
My Next Step
Is to write a narrtive article

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Determining Credubillty

                                                                                 My Reflection
  Was to identify bias to determine the credibility of a 
website.  I found it tricky to find all the answers on 2 diferent website to find out if its a quality website or not. 

                                               My Next Step
Is to find out  what makes a good bias article. 

Monday, 2 November 2015

Term 4 Week 4

                                                      Mini Golf and Sleep over!!
First, Shaniqua rang on Friday when I got home from my Nana's (Where I go after school or very early in the morning) I gave the phone to my Mum so she could talk to her, she said to Shaniqua that she will pick her up in Twenty minutes she put the phone down and said "You should clean up that room before she comes." to me because the room was a totally mess and when I say totally I mean totally a mess so I cleaned up as fast as I could so when it was clean I went to my  Mum to ask when we were going but she  said soon so I went back  to my room and waited .  "Caitlin time to get Shaniqua."  So we went to the car and got Shaniqua but was dark and starting to get Night time so picked Shaniqua up, got her some clothes and went back home to go  in the Morning asleep but Shaniqua and I Stayed up till Three woke up at 8:00 and waited till the after noon having fun on the way.

Next on Saturday,  We asked my sister what the time was because we wanted to go Halloween but we couldn't because we agreed that if we don't go Halloween we could watch a movie,have popcorn, have licorice chocolate bullets,pineapple chocolate, snake lollies, Cake and  coke. We watched Princess and the frog which  Shaniqua had choose we hadn't seen for ages we waited as the bad guy was trap in a grave which was sort of scary.  When it got close to the end my Mum said it was time for my sleep time but the movie wasn't finished! Well it was close to finished but still I had to listen to my mum but Shaniqua wasn't there so I looked for her but she was in my Mums room so I got her so we could go sleep. But I went to sleep really fast but Shaniqua went to sleep late in the cold gloomy night

Last on Sunday, We went to Mini Golf me and Shaniqua Choose the the same coloured and same height golf stck and a different colour ball we  came thourgh a door and started looking around it was my 2nd time here and we meet the same person.  We got a little bag of treats and said " Thank You." and started the course which was . . . The Captians course !  We had never done this course so we had a little  practice round and tried to get it in the little goal which was a  hole in the ground we did all the course which was fun but the scary one was the ship course it was hard till we heard a someone talking in fact it just came for no where I jumped to confusion but it was just the fake pirate.  Then all of a sudden ... BOOM! it was the cannon it shoot out a big splash of water.   But what  was so funny about MIni Golf was that it took me  7 hits just to get the ball in the hole for 2 of the course's .  The last course was tricky because there was a barrel that blocked the ball from getting in the  hole  which was tricky so I watch what everone else did and I tried to make a tatic of how t get the ball in and it took 3 hit which was good.  When the golf balls went down I watched mine go down thourght the hole but Shaniqua and Spencer Kept asking where there balls went but they went in to the cabin where we .  We droped Shaniqua back home but she had something to eat before she went .  When she left we had a nice sleep well aleast some of us.