Friday, 31 July 2015

Explaination writing

                                                                   My Reflection
To understand the purpose of writing an explaination and a structure  of a simple explaination.   I had to think of how it works and and the operation of what we were writing a explaination about.  I thought the quiz was tricky because I found that some of the question's were really hard.
My Next Step

Is to write my own explaination and enclued all the things I need for it.

Kensuke's Kingdom: Peggey Sue

                                                                            My Reflection
I was learning to identify the points of view in the story.  I had to read and record my ideas in a pros and cons table.  I found it difficult and a little bit easy at the same time to remember the words to answer the questions.  It was more easier to think of my own ideas and put it in the pros and cons box.  I choose to share my learning by creating a balanced argument . I thought it was easy because the frame helped me and the words stood out to me. My next step is to see's who's point of view isthe closest min in the stories I read.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Tree Planting

First, We got into our clothes because we were goingto plant native trees or plants.  Next, We came to a greyish gravel path just behind the school field.  When we followed the path some people played in the mud puddles onthe way.  Then, We meet three peole called Anna,Paul and Carl.  Carl explained how we were going to plant the native plants he showed us where to plant them which was on  a slope, he showed us how to dig the hole (Which had to be a square) and showed us this pill which was called a fertiliser we had to put it in before the plant was while he was showing us we were put into groups of two and had 1 shovel per group then got 2 plants and then the fun happened.  After, Shaniqua and I found a good place to plant the tree and we started to dig but Shaniqua couldn't pull the shovel out so we both tried and we got a perfect square so we kept diging till it was deep enough got the fertiliser put it in the hole put the plant in, covered it with the mud pushed it down a little and ...DONE!  At last we finised planting but only maneged to do 2 but at least we had fun.  After that, we washed our hands with the bubbly soap and the cold water and shouted goodbye to Anna,Paul and Carl and went back to class like a heard of Elephants and got back into our uniform.  My favourite part was using the shovel and having fun.
                                                      My Reflection
Is to use more adjectives and give more detail to the reader to show a picture in thier head.