Monday, 18 September 2017

Ghost Maths/ How to use a calculator accurately

Walt:Use a calculator accurately.

I was able to use a calculator accurately and learn some tips on this website 5 Tips on how to use a calculator accurately, 

I found it hard to use the calculator because I kept pressing the wrong numbers and had to restart my whole equation but then I found out that if I click CE ( clear error ) and click space again it will take me back to my number that I first put in e.g 15+14 then I clicked CE and then I click the plus button and then it took me back to 15 and then i put in 15.

Next time I will...

  • Use my knowledge in how to use a calculator accurately.

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Mrs P said...

Thanks for your honest reflection on using a calculator. You have mentioned good points and it is tricky .... what do you think you would do differently next time Caitlin - try and be a really specific in your reflection.